My cat is the best hunter ever!

About an hour ago my mother and me were in the kitchen making dinner. Usually, when we are working there, we let cats go in so they can eat.  Anyway, we sit there, meal is cooking and suddenly, I see something very strange: our fat, lazy cat with it’s eyes wide open doesn’t move and it’s  looking up.

We sat there for a minute or two watching it and then I tried to figure out what is it looking at. I took it in my arms to see better and my cat almost jumped from me to the wall. Until then, we thought the cat was looking at a shadow, or spider, but no. It was looking at our clock that was above the door.

We couldn’t believe it! This was the first cat whose pray was a clock! It climbed on the table and than just attacked the clock!

There is no need to tell that the hunt ended fairly poor. Cat and the clock ended on the floor, my father was furious and me and my mother laughed for a very long time.

Well, the first thing that happened after that was kicking the cat out of the house. Now, why did you do that, Dad? It’s not my cat’s fault that the clock is ticking.  Cat’s often do that, I guess. Anyway, it was the best experience I had with a cat.

Oh, and I managed to keep the cat inside, but my parents don’t let it into the kitchen anymore.


3 thoughts on “My cat is the best hunter ever!

  1. LOL. Cats are so cute! (Oh and vicious hunters.)
    I saw something on tv a while back about which cat was the deadliest. There was tigers, panthers, lions, bobcats, etc. Number 1 was the house cat because it kills the most species!! Cats kill small rodents, fish, birds, spiders, insects, and now they can add clocks to that list! ha ha

  2. LOL!!!! I find the behaviour of cats can be so schiz-y sometimes.. twitching this way and that, whatever catches their attention (ie. a clock..) LOL

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