How do I laugh..

On Post A Day challenge was a bonus topic – “Describe the sound of your laugh”. I smiled, because I have a unique laugh. You don’t hear it. I just start chocking and can’t breath, or tears start coming down my face. Most of the people just start laughing because of me. It’s so funny.

My family often thought I was crying until they just learned to just ignore it. I laugh often, sometimes I can laugh whole day for no reason. When I drink, when I see something funny, when someone else laughs… It doesn’t matter to me.

But, sometimes, laughter is a defense mechanism for me. When I hear bad news, very bad news, I start laughing and never cry. This one is different. It’s loud and somehow, forced.

People around me know that I am a happy person and that wherever I am, there is also laughter. So, come, laugh with me and I will give you a reason.




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