Is cheating good?

Did you ever cheat on your exams? I never did. Hell, when I was a kid, I was a nerd. Really. I was wearing ugly clothes, but didn’t have those nerdy glasses. I didn’t go out, didn’t have many friends and didn’t have boyfriend until I was 17.

And this nerdy kid than went through a serious change. I started going out, changed my way of dressing, hair style, even my friends. Maybe you think it is cruel to change friends, but believe me, it was for the best.

Anyway, I am a very intelligent person. I never had to learn much and always had good grades. That was a good thing, because I didn’t have to cheat because of that.

But it put me always in another different position. Other students often asked me to help them during the tests or exams, or, how I call it, cheat. It is okay for me to help them before the tests, learn with them and other stuff, but I don’t want to put my grade or my friendship in danger. I always had to choose between two of them, because people just don’t understand.

If I help them, there is that danger that teacher will catch me and I will be forced to leave that test, but, if I don’t help them, they get mad at me and than they don’t talk to me. Well, it took me 4-5 years to learn not to care.

My question is: Is cheating in school okay? I mean, there are persons who really study and try to understand and learn stuff, and on the other side we have the cheaters who never learn anything and they have almost the same grade but no knowledge. Who is right? What if that cheater becomes a doctor? Or an engineer? Teacher or surgeon?

Please help me understand this.


6 thoughts on “Is cheating good?

  1. I’m like you.. did well in school, was quite a nerd back then.. and it’s weird. Back then, in high school, it was such a detriment to be called a nerd, but now I embrace my geekiness. 🙂

    Personally, it’s never right to cheat. As long as you keep yourself clean by not cheating, then it’s all good. You can’t expect everyone to think the same way as you. But that’s their choice. If they want to cheat, they’re not going to learn anything, and in the end it’s just going to affect themselves.

  2. Some are learning for grades, some for them self. If you are going to school only so you can show your parents your grades than cheating is one of the ways. I always want to know things that I’m interested in. Other I learned because you never know, maybe they can help me someday.

    The key is your aim. My aim is high enough so I must learn a lot to reach it.
    Why do one go to school if that one cheat and don’t learn anything?

  3. well i know what you are saying and i’ve been in similar situations, except that i had a lot of friends back at school 🙂 not that much but they were friends and classmates and schoolmates.
    I even blew a friendship with a female classmate or two cuz they wanted me to make them cheat, when i was pointed to be the supervisor on them during a practical computer test cuz the teacher had to go do some stuff inside the school and leave the lab under my command, and i was in th 5th grade, it was a huge responsibility.

    and the question u asked is very critical and till now, a senior college student who’s about to graduate and be a real person is still cheating in exams !!!!! what if he became what u mentioned above? what will become of us? and what will happen to our community if it’s controlled by a bunsh of cheaters ?

    am sorry i posted a long reply 🙂 but this is a critical subject and i will reblog it from my own experience.

  4. Hmmm… Seems like you have quite a dilemma. When I was schooling I never copied from others, but in junior grades if someone asked from me I always helped them. I did maths for Advanced Level. The exams were never easy. So I had to keep my eyes on the papers all the time. And I don’t think anyone had time to copy. Now at university, I get time to look up during exams. But the rules are really strict. And just like you said, people don’t understand when you say you can’t help because of that. So I simply stick my eyes on papers, just like in good old times! 😀

  5. Well, I have learned through expirience those people break in some point of life. You can easily compare cheating with lies.

    Grades doesnt mean anything. The most important thing people can take from the learning process is knowledge. They can verify what they learned through work and discussions with experts from the same area of interest. That is also most rewarding way of verification.

    Cheaters will never get back the lost time. They do not seem to understand that they could have learned something for real for the time they spent preparing cheating materials. It is pretty time consuming.

    But, most importantly, we need various kinds of people so we can learn from their expiriences and mistakes.

  6. i like this question but it’s hard to explain which is right and which is wrong……..
    it depends on the persons how each individual thinks…
    but nice post……

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