The weirdest dream

Not long time ago, I had the weirdest dream ever. No, it is not about zombies, or end of the world. It is about me and my life. Yeah, those are the dreams that frighten me the most.

So, here is my dream:

I broke up with my boyfriend (whom I love very much) and I have another one. But I still love my “ex” (it is only a dream).  So, we are in one city, I don’t know which one but I know it has a river.

Me and my “boyfriend” are sitting in a theater. It is a small one and  empty. We’re sitting on the stage and talking about something when my ex-boyfriend shows up with our friends and asks us to go out with them. I want to say yes, but my “boyfriend” says “No” without even considering it with me. Okay, that is not the weird thing. I’m just getting warm…

The weird thing is the next conversation with my “boyfriend”. We are still on that stage and he starts the conversation that my parents are in the city and that they should meet his parents. In that moment I realize he plans to marry me and I don’t want that! And he keeps talking and talking but I don’t listen to him anymore. I’m thinking about marriage and how I don’t love him, because I love my “ex” and miss him. This guy continues talking about that and I just keep saying “No” all the time but he practically drags me to the church.

And at that moment my boyfriend calls me and I wake up. Until this day, he makes fun of me, saying: “You know, if I didn’t call you that morning, you would’ve been married now.”


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