Well, I haven’t post for two days anything. Sorry, guys. That is because I caught some virus and I was sick. I haven’t eat anything for two days.

It all started suddenly. After having a breakfast I was sitting in the living room. I was feeling a little tired but I didn’t know why. Soon, I got the headache and I felt sick.

I knew I would get the virus soon, but I thought I had more time. Everyone in my family was cought by this virus, I was the last one.

I was in pain, no – I still am. Whatever I would eat, I had to throw up. Fever exhausted me and that darn headache wouldn’t stop no matter what I take.

And fast, how it started, it ended. This morning I woke up fresh and if it weren’t for that pain in my muscles (it’s from all that throwing up) I would think I never was sick. It is the strangest sickness I ever had…

Anyway, that is the reason I didn’t post anything. Do you think you can forgive me? Please?


3 thoughts on “Quarantine

  1. u r forgivin 😀 no worries 🙂

    i had a similar virus few weeks ago before winter and it was damn exhasuting (coughing, fever, headaches, chest pains, no appetite at all,……….) it’s somw kind of a new virus and took me a lot of time to fight it 🙂 thnk god am all better now.

  2. This was one of the most unusual viruses I ever had. I’m okay now, though little exhausted.
    My whole family suffered from this virus, but it struck me the worst.

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