Today I got new frustration. It wasn’t enough that I was sick, but things around me just fall apart. Todays source of frustration is my computer.

This morning, when I got up, it was much more louder than usual. Why? Did I do something? Hit it? Not as I remember. I haven’t even touch it that much because I was sick these days.

Anyway, as time passed, it got louder and louder and, right now, I can’t listen to music because of the noise (I’m exaggerating). It sounds like I’m turning on a motorcycle, and whenever I hit it, it changes gear. My brother is laughing at me whole day.

Good thing is that it is quiet now. It sits in my lap, I don’t move it and it doesn’t make any noise. What the Hell? Is it playing with me? Does my computer just want my attention?

And at the end, I ask you as I ask myself, what is happening. Was it a false alarm, or is it time that someone checks it?


3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. well in winter they tend to be loud, mine is like that but less louder and our PC is horriiiiiiiible!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i guess u can have it checked 🙂 cuz hiting it is not the answer 😀

  2. Sometimes if the processor in your computer is running on over-drive (like maybe doing too many things at once, or streaming a large video, etc.) it might do that.. my computer will do that if I’m playing a game for a while.. or maybe it’s the fan?
    I don’t know if you know the phrase “when it rains, it pours”.. in this case, it’s when something goes wrong, it REALLY goes wrong..

  3. Fan is the problem. My computer doesn’t overheat or slows down, it’s just too loud. Anyway, I will take it to someone to take a look at it. Hope it’s not too serious.

    And I’m glad the warranty is still active.

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