My story for today

“Damn you, Disney, for making me feel bad because of piece of paper.”

That was one of the comments on a You Tube video “Fantasia 2000” from Disney. More specifically it’s a video about the Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

I found that video by accident. Although I love classical music, I don’t like to listen it on internet. I don’t really remember what was I searching for, but this was the result.

Until this video, I wasn’t that much of a Beethoven fan (my favorite is still Mozart and he’ll be forever), but everything changed that moment. That moment when the bigger butterfly sacrifices himself so that the smaller can save itself – one very emotional moment (priceless!).

So, this video is a masterpiece (at least for me). The movement of things in this movie is so synchronized with the music that, even now, when I close my eyes I see those butterflies playing.

Anyway, I am not writing this so you would start listening to classical music. Everyone listens what he wants, no one can make us. But, I want you to see this video and understand why I respect Disney and everything they do.


3 thoughts on “My story for today

  1. Not so many people know that some basic principles of animation are developed by Disney. Also one of the first multichannel sound systems are developed specially for Fantasia 2000. Disney is pioneer in many things. Respect.

  2. I love classical music as well! Beethoven’s 5th is great.. I also love Mozart too! Have you seen the movie Amadeus?? LOVE it! I absolutely love watching an orchestra play… exactly like how you put it, the synchronized movement of the violin bows going up and down, playing the music.. LOVE it.
    I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the violin… (I do play piano & flute however)

    • Mozart is my favorite.There is something in his pieces that calms me when I get nervous. And I didn’t just watch an orchestra, I played in it. I am a violin player.

      And I always wanted to watch Amadeus, but never had the opportunity.

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