How much have you ever been drunk in your life?

I started drinking when I was attending highschool, but I always maintained a healthy level of drinking. If I don’t get drunk  I will not embarrass myself and my head will not hurt.

But there was one time I really, really got drunk.

It was Friday evening and I was expecting my friend to arrive  from Belgrade. We agreed to hit the downtown that evening and drink and party all the night. I was really excited about that, because I hadn’t seen him for a long time.

When he arrived, he just said “Hi” to his parents and came to my house so he could wait while I get ready. At about 10 o’clock in the evening we were at the café drinking rum-cola. Until midnight, we were so drunk that our speech became slurred and we couldn’t stand on our feet. Not to mention that we laughed at everything.

So, that is when I realized crossed that personal line of being drunk. At that moment I just said to myself: “That is enough, gal. You’re drunk. Ask him to walk you home, if he can stand on his feet.”

But, instead to walk me home, he just brought me to another bar, because he was also too much drunk to think clearly.

We were dead drunk when we headed home. My friend wanted to make sure I was at home sound and safe before he goes to sleep. He walked me home (or carried me, I don’t remember) and started searching for my key so he can open the door. What he didn’t know is that the key was already in my hand and I unlocked the door with such a skill that my friend thought I was sober.

So he started swearing and cursing because he was carrying me all the way and now it seems I wasn’t drunk. What was more fun is that I didn’t really listen to him, because I fell asleep the instant I reached the couch. I was in my jacket and boots still.

He didn’t forgive me that. Never.

I am not proud of that night. Actually, I am not proud of every time I was drunk, but those days are behind me. I don’t drink that much anymore, and I weren’t drunk for two years now. All of my friends say I am such a boring person because of that, but, I don’t really care. I feel better this way.

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