Do you have a cat? Do you know someone who has a cat? Do you like them?

Well, I have four cats. One is 5 years old and I love him the most. Why? Because he is the ideal cat. He comes only to eat and sleep fr hour or two and then he’s off to new adventures (great hunter). He doesn’t need too much, but gives everything. The second is actually my mothers cat. Lazy, fat and not interested in any activity. And we have a brother and a sister that are still young and play all the time.

But, I didn’t want to tell you about them. I wanted to write about that weird behavior of cats. You know, when they behave opposite of what they really want.

1. Ever notice that, whenever you call a cat to come to you, that it doesn’t come straight to you, but instead, it has to look at something, or stop for a moment?

2. Whenever I brought something new into the house, my cats pretended not to be interested until I got out of the room. We know they are curious, so why do they do that?

3. Yesterday was cold outside and one of my cats wanted so badly inside so it jumped from the neighbor’s roof on our window hitting its head (I hope it wasn’t serious). But, when I opened the window to let the cat in, it just stood there looking at me. After half a minute, it slowly came inside. What the Hell? I know how much they want to be in warm place, so why hesitate?

4. You can pet them, but only when they want. If they are in bad mood…beware…

5. They can pull out a starring contest with you. Awesome!

The truth about them is, you are not their master. They own you, not the other way. That is why they are so interesting to me. They have that personality that no other animal has.

Oh, just one more thing – they love boxes and fortresses made out of pillows.


5 thoughts on “Cats

  1. I do prefer cats over dogs… however I’m not as in love with them as I used to be after a year during university, my roommate (amongst 4 of us in total) kept adopting cats.. ended up with 13 of ’em in a little one-floor of a house. Too much! But that’s a crazy story for another time 😛

  2. I like cats too, but ever since a cat gave me a long cut in my wrist… m kinda scared to play with them.. .I still have the scar. 😛

  3. I like them because of their personality. A dog is too loyal to his master. Cats prove to be more of a challenge to have for a pet. 🙂

    There was a time we had 10 cats in our house in city and 9-10 at the country. But that is too much.

    • “Cats prove to be more of a challenge to have for a pet.” – I strongly agree to that! 🙂

  4. Cats are quite extreme. You can love them, or hate them. It’s so hard to be somewhere between that two sides. Mainly I just ignored them in the past, but now, I must admit, that I love to play with them.

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