Something I’ve never told you

Have you ever noticed there are two kinds of secret?

The first one is not really a secret. You know, the ones that you tell someone and go with the sentence “but please, don’t tell anyone”, but you hope that they tell it to someone. Yes, you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t tell that secret to anyone. We have so many of them and actually use them to test our friends. If your friend tells the secret, than he (or she) failed the test of friendship.

But you don’t care about that secret. It is not a big deal that people have found out your secret. The real problem is your friend that told your secret away. But, this is something that I will talk about another time.

Everyone has a dark place full of secrets

Everyone has a dark place full of secrets

The other kind of secret is the one, only and real secret. You will never tell it to anyone, not even your closest person. Sometimes, you think you just want to forget it so you don’t have to keep it. But you have to, even if it hurts. It burns your soul, and you can’t do anything about it. Because, if you tell it to someone, you’ll die inside. Those secrets are dark.

Well, I got a little carried away now, sorry about that. So, the topic for today is a secret that you can tell someone (here it means to everyone). Are you ready for my secret? Here it goes.

“When I was little I always said three times name “Beetlejuice” because I was scared of the Boogieman and thought that Beetlejuice would protect me against it.”

Glad you liked it.


4 thoughts on “Something I’ve never told you

  1. I used to cover my eyes when I passed the windows overlooking the front yard at night time. I was afraid that someone would commit a murder, then look up and see that I had seen it….then they’d have to come after me so that I couldn’t testify against them. ….silly….but I bet I’d still do it if I still lived there.

  2. I was pretending that I can push clouds backwards so I can return sunny day for one more spin. I had about 10 then, and I was doing that while I was returning from school.

  3. Aww that’s a cute secret.. 🙂 (well, cute now that you’re older.. lol.. i’m sure it felt pretty real back then)
    But you’re so right. There definitely are two types of secrets… i find that first type usually goes hand in hand with gossip 😉

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