To be remembered…

In my country there is a saying – You can only talk good things about a dead man. And that is something that is appropriate. We always remember all the good things and forget the bad ones.

So many times I asked myself how do I want to be remembered and I realized – I want that people remember me while I’m still alive.  Like Johan Sebastian Bach.

He was a genius when it comes to composing music. We often say that his music is perfect – there are no mistakes. Anyway, he wasn’t so much famous while he was alive, but people respected and admired him. That is something I want to have.

I think that you don’t have to be a genius, or wealthy for people to remember you. You need only to have a kind heart and help people. That is enough. That is what Bach was famous for when he was alive.

Anyway, I’ll try and do my best that people remember me for my kindness and forgiveness. It is up to people if they will acknowledge that or I will be just another insignificant person in their life.

I cant change the future nor minds of other people.


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