Waking up

So, I figured out two days ago I have no trouble with sleeping, but I have trouble waking up.

Me and my boyfriend were trying to watch that movie called “Inception” because everybody said the movie is awesome. Before the movie started, I told him that I’ll go home after the movie. At least I thought I will.

Fifteen minutes after the movie started, I fell asleep.  Through the whole movie, I was sleeping like a baby. And then, when all was over, my boyfriend had to wake me up. That was a real challenge.

First he tried calling me, but I didn’t hear him. Then, he tried shaking my shoulder, but I was still asleep. For half an hour he was trying to find a way to wake me up. and then I opened my eyes. And closed them again.

Now that I woke up, he knew that he must keep me that way. So he tried talking to me, and trying to keep me awake until I got nervous and covered myself. I was awake now, there is no need to keep poking and talking. I had so much trouble not to fall asleep again.

While I was fighting with sleep, my boyfriend was thinking about going to sleep too. He was tired. He thought that, if he couldn’t wake me up, he’ll just lie down.

Well, this battle with me lasted for an hour. It was so embarrassing when he told me next day what have I done to him. That is something I am not very proud of…


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