A trap

Half an hour ago I wanted to drink coffee but I found out there is no more in house. There was only one option – I had to go to the store and buy some.

Because it is Sunday, there aren’t any open stores in the evening. I knew there is one small in my neighborhood, but that was it. I had to pray they have my coffee. Fortunately for me, they had. I bought it and went back.

When I was entering my yard I saw my dog spotting me and running away behind the car. I thought she didn’t recognize me and got scared. Oh, how wrong I was.

Actually, she was hiding behind the car so she could surprise me. She scared me to death. Imagine a 30 kilo just jumping on you in intention to bring you down on the ground. It was a pretty rough experience. But she did that.

Just for you to know, I am not mad at my dog. I think that was really clever and tactical move. Me: 0 – My dog: 1

For now…


3 thoughts on “A trap

    • Sweet:)..n Trust me i know how it would be if ur pet jumped on u from no where.. it happens with me most of da time..wen i get back home frm work 🙂

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