And the holidays are over. Yesterday we celebrated orthodox Christmas. Now, it’s time to go back into the routine of everyday jobs.

The reason I hadn’t post for days is another one, actually. My boyfriend was in town for a week. I wanted to spend some time with him, because we won’t see each other for a long time.

We spent whole week walking, sitting, talking, watching tv. It was the best week I had in months and it was the first week in this year. I am so happy.

But, he’s gone now. His classes start on Monday and he wants to be ready for them. Soon, the exams are going to begin, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll have more time and come and see me. What do you think?

I miss him. I just want him to come back soon. That’s all.

Anyway, when people ask me “What did I do for holidays?” I tell them that I didn’t do anything – I tried watching movies, but I always fell asleep after fifteen minutes. Maybe I’m tired.

Anyway, now I’m planning to take it serious. Holidays are over, and I’m going to post more often to keep up with “Post a day.”


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