I have so many “Aha!” moments that, when I saw this I just couldn’t pass the opportunity. Anyway, I know it’s about the recent moment, but I want to share with you one from my early childhood.

When I was 5 years old, my mother used to make our favorite cookies. Unfortunately, they were the sweetest and best after two weeks of waiting. We just couldn’t do that. But, first, we had to find them. That wasn’t easy.

My mother had that special place where she kept those cookies. Now, I know where is it, but then, it was a real challenge to find it. The moment I found out that secret place, was the real “Aha!” moment.

I was playing outside that day and I remember I got thirsty. I went to the kitchen to see something funniest I ever have – my mother was eating those cookies from the secret stash. Only thing I said that moment was: “Aha…”

From that day, there wasn’t any secret place.

I hope you liked this little story. If you want to know, the secret place was on top of the shelf, but then I was a little girl, so I couldn’t see that part of it.


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