I like to travel… (pt. 1)

This morning I woke up a little earlier, because of the cold I have since New Year’s eve. Yep, I have bad luck. So, I dressed up and waited for my boyfriend to call me. We were supposed to go to next town to visit his grandparents with his brother and girlfriend.

After half an hour we headed to that city, and I remember my head and nose making me trouble all the way. It was unbearable. Anyway, when we arrived I jumped out of the car, trying to get some cold air because my face was heated.

I felt a little better, but that that feeling was soon replaced by a wave of warmth from the room we just got in.

I felt dizzy and wanted to go for a walk, but the table was set up for lunch. Damn! The only thought that was crossing my mind was to try and pull myself together and hold a little longer.

The lunch was very good. There was so much food, and everything looked good., but I just couldn’t eat, because I felt sleepy, and my face was burning like on fire. Shame, really. Anyway, when the lunch was over, I felt relief. It was time to go for a walk…

(to be continued)

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