…but hate to arrive (pt. 2)

Before you read this, please read the first part called “I like to travel.”

We had lunch and after that we all went for a walk. I felt much better now on cold air. We went into stores, finding much stuff that was fun. Soon, it was time to go visit other cousins. I really enjoyed stories and that people were around me.

Long story short, we spent this day walking from house, to house, talking with my boyfriend’s relatives. They were very nice. But, when we were heading back, my head was pounding again and I felt sick because of driving. I barely managed to pull myself together, at least until we arrived home.

I don’t remember how I walked to the bed and laying down, but I remember my mother giving me glass of water and a pill telling me that all this is because I don’t eat. Now, I’m sitting in my living room, thinking about this day and feeling much better, but so tired, that I don’t know how I am writing this.

One thing I know. This was one of those days you don’t wish to miss, even if you’re sick.


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