Three countries I’d like to visit

In my last post I promised you to join this project on WordPress and write each day in 2011. Today, they launched first topics (they are for inspiration, you don’t have to write them). I decided to answer this question about countries.

I am a travel-person. I really like to visit new cities and countries. The problem is, I can’t really travel very much. Faculty, money, free time… Everything is taking my free time.

Anyway, here are three countries I’d like to visit.

The number one on my list is England. It is my dream to visit London some day. When I was learning English, our teacher used to tell us of her days in London. I was listening intensely, making plans for trip to London. It is so beautiful and full of history. For me it is a must-visit place.

London – my favorite city

The second one is Austria, actually Vienna in Austria.. Whenever I heard something about this city, I think of our musicians that lived here.

Well, I think I’m going to go this Summer. I have some friends who live there. Yay! I’m really looking forward to that.

And here is the last, third country I’d like to visit.I just have to say that it was very hard to choose only three countries. For me, every country is worth seeing. So, the third country is France. I noticed that whenever I say I’d like to go to France, everybody thinks about Paris. No, I want to travel through France. To see everything there. That country is beautiful, and it has a remarkable history. France is not just Paris.


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