Congratulation, it’s an anniversary!

Yes, it is time to reflect on 2010 and write a summary. The only problem is, it takes to long and I’m kind of lazy person. I mean, I have to write about things that happened in world, in my country and in my life. Right…

Well, I have to write about it because everybody else writes. (Hell no! I won’t do that!)

Okay, scratch the last sentence. Never mind what I was saying…

There were two things, very similar to each other that marked this year. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but in 2010 was the 200 birthday of Frederick Chopin and Robert Schumann.  Do you know who they were?

Well, both of them were piano players and famous composers. Hell, when they say the word piano, the first person I think about is Chopin, the “poet of the piano.” Are you curious why do people call him like that? Than Google it.

Oh, poor Frederick had a very difficult and short life. He lived only 39 years. Anyway, the thing that he loved the most was playing piano. He lived for music. Well, at least he tried. When he was a kid, he thought his hands were small. Although everybody told him that they will grow up, he just couldn’t wait. Every night before sleep he’d put wooden pieces between his fingers so his hands would stretch. That was a terrible mistake.

His hands deformed as the bones moved away from each other. His hands became weak and slow. Never he recovered and became a famous pianist.

But that didn’t stop him. If he couldn’t play fast and loud, he instead wrote soft, beautiful pieces, full of emotion. Yes, he was like no other. He never married, but he was in relationship with a woman (much older than him!) named Amandine Aurore Lucille Dupin. She was a French writer, better known as George Sant. He died of  tuberculosis.

Robert Schumann… Yes, his life sounds like a Spanish soap. Very romantic, and all musicians tend to talk good about this poor guy. You can hate Mozart, Beethoven, even Bach (I mean, you can try, but, will you live?), but never, ever say bad things about Schumann. Why? Because he is the representative of the Romantic era in history of music.

Born in 1810, he composed only for piano until 1840, when he suddenly started composing pieces for piano and orchestra. He wrote over 600 songs for voice and piano (you must know that Mozart, one of the greatest composers ever wrote only 600 pieces in his life) and 4 symphonies.

He was married to Clara Wieck, later known as Clara Schumann. She was a very good pianist, and often she performed his pieces on stage. Schumann, as shy as he was, was then sitting in the crowd, listening how people would commented about his pieces and smiled to himself.

In the last years of his life, he became mentally ill and tried to commit suicide jumping from a bridge above Rein river. Fishermen dragged him out. He died in a hospital for people with mental illness four years after that incident.

Clara never married again. Famous composer Brahms loved her and often propose her, but she never accepted it.

Happy birthday, guys. You were among the best, despite what others say…


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