Traffic lights prank

So… I haven’t sleep this night at all. Woke up yesterday at noon and I am still awake. I don’t know why. Last night I was in bed and just couldn’t make myself close my eyes. That is the bad news (at least for me). The good news is that, while laying in bed, I started thinking and making my to-do list. Excellent!

As soon as my clock ticked 8:00 AM, I went to the market that is a half an hour of walking from my apartment. While walking I realized that I see only old people. Kids and students are sleeping. So, I wanted to practice my favorite prank – messing with old people with traffic lights.

If you didn’t notice, old people often tend to watch us, students, instead of traffic light. Sometimes their minds drift away. That is not important. The important thing is they do not realize when lights change.

And that is the key to this prank. Maybe you’ll loose some time before you reach your destination, but it is well worth it. You just need to stay still when the traffic light changes to green – like it is still red. Believe me, they won’t notice.

I practice this a lot. E.g. from my apartment to market I have to pass 3 traffic lights. I stay at each one for about 5-7 minutes. Everybody that reaches it at the same time as you will stay as long as you do.

Note: it doesn’t work on younger people.

Yes, there are times hen they realize that you’re messing with them, and be prepared for heavy cursing in Serbian style (that is what happens to me). Sometimes they just look at me like I have plague or something. Older people don’t know how to be funny. True fact.

So, try this and you’ll be surprised. The best time is in the morning, or in the evening when people come back from work tired. Great way to pass time.


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