At the cafe

Ah…the joy of morning. Oh, and my coffee arrived. Nice! Do you know how much I like sitting here and drinking coffee all morning? You have no idea… Mmmm, this coffee is good. I wonder if there is milk in it.

Okay, now to turn on my laptop. Oooh, there is wireless here. Connect…Yes! Let’s open Twitter and E-mail. New followers? Great. Follow, follow… Hey, who’s this? Meh, follow… Let’s see E-mail: okay, select all, mark as read… Done! This is going to become a routine. I like it!

Wow, hey, a baby! Oh, God, it’s looking at me. What does it want? Why is it smiling at me? Aw, it looks adorable. If I ask the parents to hold it a little, will they let me? Probably not. I wouldn’t give my baby to stranger to hold it, in a first place.

Hey, focus here! You have a post to publish today. Let’s see… Should I write about my dream again? Heh, it was a good one. It had zombies and Nazis… No, not a good idea. People hate Nazis. How about music? No good. Only music I know is classical. People don’t listen to classical music unless they have to. Such a cruel world.

Yay, the baby is back! It looks at me again. I think it’s a girl. It’s dressed all in pink clothes and… Ha! It is a girl. She has a name – Andriana. Cute name for a baby, but not common in this country. I wonder what names would I give to my children? Bah, I shouldn’t think about them. I’m too young for that. Hey, little baby, stop touching my laptop. Hey!

“A little help here! Oh no, don’t be sorry, she’s just a baby, she doesn’t know that is not for touching. No, she doesn’t bother me at all. How old is she? 14 months? Awww, you are a big girl now, Andriana… Oh, I just heard her name when you called it. Yeah, she’s cute. Bye!”

Great! She’s gone. Now I can focus on my… Crap! I finished my coffee. So, another day with no post. Way to go, girl. You know how to pass your time. With babies! Okay, I’ll just open my Twitter once more and then I’m gone. Oh my God, look at this picture! It’s hilarious! Hahahahaha! Ooooh, very good tweet. Let’s just retweet this one and then I’m gone.

What? I’m sitting here for 3 hours? Damn you, Twitter! My phone is ringing. Now, let’s just find it. I can’t find it. ow everyone is looking at me. Great. Now , I’m embarrassed. Ah, there it is.

“Hello? No, I’m at cafe. Yes? No, not a problem. I’m coming. Do you need something to get you? Pizza? It’s a little early for that. Oh, you’re making it. Sounds fun. I’m there in fifteen minutes. Bye!”


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