The game of my life

When I sit at home with my family I can’t help but notice how we’re so different and yet so similar to each other. E.g.  My father is 6 years older than my mother and when I was born he was already 32 years old. I know there are many families like mine, but, the point is about technology.

My father spent all his childhood reading comics. There wasn’t much of technology in that time, only radio and television, so, he has the comic of his life – believe it or not, Alan Ford on Croatian. Maybe it is the generation gap, maybe it isn’t but we don’t agree about that and we often argue about comics. Believe me when I tell you that teachers are stubborn like hell.

My mother is another story. She was, like all the young women in those days, dreaming of Mr. Perfect (yeah, right, Mom, you found him, congratulation!). So, she spent her years reading romantic novels, until one particular TV series showed up – the one and only “Sandokan” who was able to make Belgrade look like ghost city when it was on television. Anyway, my mother has a series of her life.


I don't really understand why my Mom likes him so much



Do you see a pattern here? Good.

My brother is 4 years older than me. That’s very much considering technology. We didn’t have money for game consoles so he spent his free time watching cartoons. One especially – the famous, most awesome anime of all the time: Granzort. Maybe you heard about it, maybe you didn’t but it doesn’t matter. He watched every single episode of it. It is the cartoon of his life. (actually, I don’t know if I should call it cartoon or anime. Is there any diference?)

Admit it, it looks awesome..

As for me… Well, guess what? I have a video game of my life. It’s the highly addictive Super Mario! I remember spending hours of my free time playing this game over and over. I knew every hidden coin, mushroom, coin chamber and passage in my sleep. The best game ever!

Ah, the joy...

I must admit, there is a installation of Super Mario on my computer. I’ve been playing it for months now.

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