Webcomics – Who doesn’t love them?

A couple of days ago, I was passing time on StumbleUpon. That little button, on which is written “Stumble” is very much everything I need in the moments of boredom.

Since I’ve been on StumbleUpon, I’ve found many interesting things. But, what really caught my attention were comics. I didn’t know there are so many web comics and many of them surprised me. They are good.

The first comic I read on internet was Cyanide&Happiness. Those guys have that sarcastic string of humor that I don’t find that often. They are brutal, sincere and they pick things that are taboo for others. They also have cartoons. One of the most famous webcomics.

You can find them on http://www.explosm.net/



These guys are very brutal when it comes to humor


The next one I would like to mention is the ElfOnlyInn. This comic is original. I don’t remember when I had so much laughter. The story of the strip is quite genuine: Elf only Inn is a chat room where many things happen. We follow the adventures of people in this chat room and how their friendship is tested through various happenings. Definitely worth of reading. Unfortunately, the writer stopped with this comic around 2008th so, it’s not finished. What a shame.

To look at it go to the www.elfonlyinn.net/



This is Megan - the one of the only two Elves in this comic


The last comic that I’ll mention here is one of the most awesome I ever seen. The drawings are fantastic, the idea is awesome and humor is subtle. The dream of every webcomic. I discovered it couple of weeks ago. It is definitely worth of reading, and rather short. It has only 32 pages. It’s the Romantically Apocalyptic webcomic and I am so happy that StumbleUpon led me to this comic.

Check it out on http://www.romanticallyapocalyptic.com/home


Zee Captain - A really charming man

Anyway, check them out. It’s really worth it. Oh, and, if you dissagree with me, or you have your favorite webcomics, just write me a comment.

How can you not love drawings like this? I mean the style.




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