Video games and me – Pt. 3

Okay, so it’s finally time for another round with my favorite video games, and this time, I’m not alone.

There is something I never told you. My boyfriend and I don’t see each other very much. The main problem about this is that we live in different cities. But, when he comes to me, or I go to him, then we spend our time the best we can do – play video games.

When I came to Belgrade for last New Year, I managed to convince him to play some games with me. My choice, naturally, was Prince of Persia: Warrior Within because of the acrobatics and a very good gameplay. Then I thought, maybe it’s to difficult for him. So, I installed a test game: Star Wars: Republic Commando. It’s an FPS and we just go and shoot at everything that moves. That is when I realized I made a good choice in picking up games.

In first half an hour of playing, he managed to get killed couple of times (it happens, I know) , but what really shocked me, was the fact that he managed to fall from the bridge and kill himself that way. What?! I tried that millions of time and that’s impossible!

Something like this happened...

When I was done laughing at him, I took over the game and showed him how to play it. He was really embarrassed and I felt guilty for laughing, but, hey, he rightly deserved it. After my turn of playing I turned on cheats and let him play, opened a bag of chips and continued laughing. He was so toasted.

Now, imagine that I didn’t switch the games in last minute and let him play Prince of Persia. Poor guy wouldn’t make it through the first 15 minutes of playing…

A year passed quickly… After that, he played Call of Duty through the end, and I think that he learned much for all this time. FPS are not the problem anymore.



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