Snow Wars – Revenge of the Twitter

Finally! Snow in Serbia! Now the winter is complete. For last 3 hours I was walking from my computer to window, so I could watch snowflakes fall. I’ve never seen them fall so beautiful. Slowly and peaceful, they make me think about Holidays. I can’t wait for Christmas and New Year!

On the other hand, my Twitter shows a whole different picture. While I’m so fond of snow, people from cities where snow is falling since Friday, aren’t so happy about it, so they complain on internet.

One particular conversation on Twitter caught my eye. One guy was complaining about the road contractors saying that they do not clean the streets from snow. Trying to calm him down, I mentioned snowball fight. My biggest mistake ever.

Within seconds they made a plan how to attack the “Headquarters of the public utility company”, and planned an ambush. They wanted war! Guess that happens when people don’t have clean streets.

But, not everyone had the same goal. While some wanted to warn them to clean streets properly, others wanted to disable the machines so there would be more snow. Never think about the consequences, just do these things.

Oh the irony…

Anyway, the attack failed before it started due to late time and laziness, but they gave me inspiration to write this post.

Special thanks to Uros, Nikola and Biljana.


5 thoughts on “Snow Wars – Revenge of the Twitter

    • Well, it did fail.
      First: They didn’t make a good plan.
      Second: They didn’t pay attention to the time.
      Third: Some of them were on Twitter whole night.

      But it was a good idea. I wonder if it could’ve work…

  1. I am not that happy about snow either, just because it keeps me stuck in the house, cause of my car. It renders them unusable. But I remember the time, when I was the kid, snow was something that kept me excited as nothing else.

    I would go outside of the house, even by myself in order to lay down in snow and watch it fall…

    • I like snow. It reminds me of Christmas and New Year. it’s funny how only people with cars complain about snow. I don’t own a car and I like to walk, especially when it’s snowing.

      Maybe I’m still a child from the inside.

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