Was it first chicken or egg?

Over the last years I asked myself some very interesting questions. Unfortunately, there are still no good questions for most of them. They look like they come from kids, but, when you analyze them, you realize they are smart.

Two months ago I wrote them on my previous blog, but, since blog has been turned down, I decided to write them here. So, here they are.

1. We all know that our Sun makes sounds. I mean, those explosions have to generate them, right? But, we can’t hear them because sound doesn’t go through space. So, my question is – How those explosions sound like?

My friend gave me one of the best answers I ever heard: “To hear explosions from the Sun, you must go to its sphere where are gases, but, at that point, sounds aren’t things that should trouble you. Sun is hot.

2. If you are in elevator with no security brakes on the 100th floor and the elevator begins falling down, can we experience anti gravity condition?

Answer: I don’t know! People, please try it. Where are you science?

3. We all know the real problem of exploring the depths of the ocean – pressure. That pressure comes from all sides, but in physics, we mark it only from above because all others annul themselves. So, if we were standing right in the middle of the ocean, would all pressure just annul itself?

Answer: Don’t even think about it!

4. If we have a glass aquarium without the top (Okay, there is no aquarium with the top) and we put it on the ocean floor, will it brake?

Answer: Well, technically it won’t, but first, you must put it there.

5. What do you think, do we get old faster on earth or in space.

Answer: This was actually answered by scientists, believe it or not. They say that you grow old faster on Earth due to gravitation force. But, we all know – scientists lie.

6. Why do we learn dead languages like Latin, Ancient Greek and Egyptian hieroglyphs?

Answer: Because, when we find one day the famous Atlantis and we come to the treasure vault, there will be good chances that the door would have voice lock. What if password was written on the door and we can’t open them because we don’t know languages? Learn, people, learn!

So these are the famous questions I asked. Feel free to contribute with your own answers. The more hilarious, the better. Have fun!


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