Video games and me – part 2

(Before I start, I must apologize. I had a lack of inspiration for couple of days and wasn’t able to do anything about it. I can’t write without it, so I decided to spare you of my chaos in this little brain of mine.)

1 year ago, my brother brought home a new video game: Rome Total War. It’s hell of a game. After watching him play, I decided to try my luck with it.

It is a strategic game. Your goal is to make your country the biggest empire in Europe. It takes place in time after the breaking of the Roman empire. There are to parts of the game. One is played on the map of Europe, and consists of settlements and regions that you have, or you conquer. In this part, you boost your economy and army. The second part of the game is on the battlefield, where you lead your army to victory.

After couple of lost battles, I figured out that second part of the game isn’t for me. So I focused on the map.

I started boosting my economy to the highest level. Also, I remember my brother just staring at me with awe as he watched my empire grow bigger and bigger after every turn. I was playing with country named Parthia who had strong cavalry and borders were matched in purple color. I guess I’m fond of purple color.

Anyway, after days of playing, I figured it’s time for me to choose the heir to the throne and not leave it to AI to do it, so I opened up the family tree of royalty. Then I found a “kid”, 16 year old who had some traits that made him better than the current heir. That was when it all started.

When that “kid” was 18, king died making him the new leader. After years and years passed in game, king just kept receiving new threats and they were all the good ones. He was a good leader. So I gathered an army and started conquering everything that was on my way. (I admit, I like power)

This guy had an army of cavalry with couple of infantry  and archers for back up. I must mention that after a couple of battles, troops receive golden rank, and soon, I got a whole army with 3 golden ranks for each troop it was there. It was a golden army.

My brother was jealous. He played this game for one month and I was the one who got lucky with that leader.

My army was unstoppable. Unlimited power..

It all changed when my brother one night played my saved game and that leader died in battlefield. I wasn’t angry because he secretly played with my army, I was angry because he accidentally saved the game.

After that, I never played that game again. To much pain..



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