Mysteries of the world

After very long and exhausting week, I finally found some peace. Drinking coffee in a room full of people and minding my business is pleasure I give into when everything else fails. People are watching the current tennis match between Nadal and Murray. It is a very big happening.

I’m really fond of tennis. It can be interesting and you can blow of some steam watching it. But, now, I’m concerned with another thing.

It’s about Rafael Nadal. The biggest mystery of the world. What the hell does he have in his pants? I mean, his hand is always pulling something out of his pants. No other person does that while playing tennis. It is so gross.

So, people, please help this guy. Give him some pants that are more comfortable, or something like that. As for me, he can wear even a skirt, it doesn’t matter. He plays tennis very good and that’s what counts.

I really wonder if other people in this room noticed that…


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