Okay, I’m one of the people who like to sit in a dark room at the end of a day and think about various things that happened, or will happen or never will. Sometimes even conspiracy theories wander into my mind. Oh, so many what if’s…

One day, after very hard work, I came exhausted to my apartment. I didn’t even bother to turn on my computer and I fell into my so beloved bed and started thinking about things that happened that day. Only thing that could be heard was ticking of my clock.

I found myself looking at it and started thinking about time. Is time really invented by humans? Does it exist? Can we travel to future? Does the time applies to other parts of universe as it applies for Earth?

Thinking about past, present and future had a serious impact on me. I realized that we never live in present. We live in past. When something happens, there must pass some time before we realize that, so when we find out about something, it already happened. So, we all live in past, not in the present.

Than I started thinking about past. You know the paradox of time travel? No one from the future or present can do something about past. If you (it’s just an example) travel to past with intention to, let’s say, kill your grandfather, there is no chance you can do it. If there is no grandfather, than there is no father, and there is no you, so you can’t travel to past and kill your grandfather. Pretty weird, eh? That is also called “Grandfather paradox”.

What about future? I don’t know. I guess we can’t really stop anything. If global warming is supposed to happen , it will, no matter what we do. That’s what I think, at any rate.

I spent 3 hours of my life thinking about time and these things. I think I should get worried. Nah, just joking. But, no one said time travel isn’t possible.

Question for you: If you travel speed of light and you turn on your lights, would they even turn on?

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