Death Note

L (Death Note)

Do you know who is "L"

Ah, it’s time for another story… I think I found one interesting enough for you…

Well, two months ago, I was obsessed with Death Note. I watched it all day and night, but, when famous “L” died, I wasn’t very happy and after that, well, I lost interest.

My father is a teacher. Maybe you fail to see the connection between “Death Note” and my father being a teacher, but there is. He works with kids from 6 to 9  years old.

One day, he came back from work furious! He just looked at me and said: “You are not normal! Why did you do that to me?” I was confused and asked him what happened. When he explained the situation to me, I started laughing so hard, that I couldn’t even breathe. Here is what happened:

Day before that my father, Anti-talent for computers and stuff like that asked my brother to copy some documents on his USB flash. After two hours of bargaining, he did the job and left the flash on the table beside the computer. Then, I came into the room looking for some way to copy “Death Note” from my computer to another, and since I don’t have a CD-rom, natural choice was “Daddy’s flash drive”.

After I finished, I left that little thing where I found it. And morning after that my father took it and gave it to his colleague.

Oh,my… That triggered a chain reaction in school. The poor teacher, not knowing what that flash contained, played one episode. So, children, not more than 7 years old were watching a Japanese anime with English titles. That wasn’t the problem, neither was blood and violence in that anime. Problem was that children recognized it, and told the teacher how it is supposed to end. Imagine the horror!

As, for me, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, it’s a very good anime, with very good story, but for adults. I guess that, having internet has it’s pros and cons. Parents, watch what your children are doing. I am grown up, I can take care of myself.


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