Long hair, short hair.

Yes, I have a problem. About a year ago, I had long hair. Long and beautiful. However, I didn’t like it. While for everyone else it was very healthy, for me was ugly. It had split ends, it was dry, couldn’t make a proper ponytail with it…

So I got sick. I went to my hairdresser and said: “Man, cut this off. I can no longer live like that.” Poor man…I think he was crying while he was doing that. I still feel very bad for the guy.

Now, after a year of torturing my hair with all chemicals to make it healthier, I finally decided it again – it is enough. Short hair is very difficult to take care of. I need to use hairdryer every time when it is washed. I need to put hair gel on and when it’s hot, I can’t tie it. Ugh! It’s so damn frustrating (again)!

Saying “it is enough” I swore not to cut my hair for six months (except for ends, to keep it healthy). That is no problem for me. I can do it. I have patience. Well, I thought I had, because my boyfriend said to me last week: “Actually, I kinda like it when you have long hair.”

Aaaaaah! Why didn’t he tell me that when I was going to the hairdresser a year ago? I asked him then: “Honey, do you like it when I have longer or shorter hair?” He said: “It doesn’t matter to me, dear, I love you whatever length of hair you have.”

Not cute. He could’ve said that he likes long hair and I would keep it that way and everybody would be happy.

Ok, I would shorten it anyway but that is not the point!

Wait… I don’t know what is the point of this story. Anyway, I want to have long hair again, and it will take some time. Not to tell that I don’t mind when people tell me: “Don’t cut your hair! It’s better when you have longer!”

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