Video games and me – round one

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to castle Wolfenstein

I always try to fill my life with some funny moments. What is very strange, I stopped that for some time and suddenly, funny things started finding me. When I try to be serious, I become funny, when I’m funny, people find it hilarious. Really, that’s something that is mostly out of my control.

Anyway, my story today is about me and video games. Oh, yes, I am a girl who plays video games.

Since I’ve got my computer, my brother, who is older than me, thought me to play games. We played mostly what I call “manly games” because there is nothing than blood, violence etc. What he found very funny, is my reaction to them.

When I play video games, I tend to block myself from the world around me. I imagine that character I am playing is me. My reactions are like it would’ve been if it were a real world. I bet everyone plays like that.

What people don’t do (or I tend to believe so) is falling of chair, like me, screaming, cursing and much more. I have many funny moments with those games, although I don’t really show it.

First FPS (First Person Shooting) game I played was “Return to castle Wolfenstein.” It is very good game, but I found it very difficult. Because there was no map, and my managing to find the real path in my surrounding is very lame, I often walked in circles and got lost every five minutes. If my brother wasn’t there with me to show me were to go, I would not play. I am very ashamed of that, but my brother thinks it’s very funny.

After that, I didn’t really play games. Couldn’t stand my brother laughing at me. But, when he showed me that another FPS “Call of Duty” had a map that pointed my goal I decided to play it. So, I played it, got to middle of the game and found myself on a mission to infiltrate the dam. Funny moment was when I thought no one was alive so I can just go to the checkpoint, AI proved me wrong.

There was a German soldier with a sniper who shot me right into the head. I was dead in the game, but in the real life, because I like to imagine that everything is real, I got really scared by the sound of that soldier and I fell from the chair with keyboard. Didn’t play that game for weeks after that.

Seeing that I don’t have luck with those kind of games, I tried sneaking: “Thief: Deadly shadow” was a good choice. Or, so I thought.

I didn’t know that game contained zombies and I am really afraid of them. After 3 days of struggling with the 1st level where you can find zombies, I decided to continue because there were no indications of more zombies throughout the game. So I came to the orphanage level.

Going into the orphanage I thought it was empty. I found it very strange, but, hey, developers wanted it, so it’s fine by me. At this point I need to mention that I played the game on easy, because I found story more interesting than game-play. Playing on that level of difficulty gives you the opportunity to explore maps faster.

Now, back to the story. I walked into the orphanage, suspecting something is not right. After finishing the ground floor, I relaxed a little and went to the cells. I picked a cell and started picking a lock. Then I found out that the light was doing strange things, like it’s going to turn off (you know how the final moments of a light bulb look like, don’t you?) and I stopped picking a lock and turned around. It was a freaking glitch in the game! That damn zombie was trying to go through me while I was picking that lock! Did I mention I am afraid of zombies?

At that point I turned off the monitor, went into the kitchen and drank 2 glasses of water. Then I went to the living room and turned tv on.

That was the last day I played that game.


3 thoughts on “Video games and me – round one

  1. Totally true! Because of you I started to play Call of Duty in first place. Now I’m playing CoD2 and planing to beat every part of that game (plans for, not so distant, future). If someone touches me while I’m playing with my headphones on, I’ll be on a celling in no time! Nice series with a huge dose of adrenaline.

    • Oh, I do know what you’re talking about. That is the reason why I DON’T play with headphones. Once when I was playing there was a cat…Well, that is for my next round of video games. Anyway, I’m glad that you finally decided to play Call of Duty. It is a very good game, with good story and it really gives you a high dose of adrenaline. Keep up the good work there.

  2. it’s a long post and needs time to read 😀 but i used to play that game and i tell u it’s a dead end 😀
    The Return to Castle Wolfenstien 😀

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