Funny conversations

I know! It was so long between my two posts, but I…I was busy. Really, I was. Please forgive me!

Well, to make up for that, I have one pretty funny conversation between me and my brother.

We were chatting today and somehow, we reached the famous topic “Who would be the best actor for every character from the Bible.” My brother insisted on God being a white man, and no, he’s not racist, just in my country there aren’t black people so we were somehow created the illusion of God being white. Don’t you judge him!

Anyway, I have another opinion. For me perfect person who could be good as God would be Morgan Freeman. I think he once played that character so I think that is why I imagine it like that.

And so me and my  brother started that conversation. Morgan Freeman like God, Christopher Lee as Lucifer (we agreed on that), and Schwarzenegger as Michael. We were so enjoying this conversation because it was really funny. I mean, it really boosts our imagination. After those, we started thinking who would be a good lycon or vampire. I started joking again and said: “Oh, Wien Diesel would be such a great lycon.”

My brother got mad and started yelling that I’m trying to make fun of him. He really respects Wien Diesel, but for him the best would be Gerard Butler. And than it snapped me.

Gerard Butler would be so good like God. Oh, I imagine it already: Adam and Eve standing in front of him, looking guilty and stuff, and Gerard says: “I’m going to throw you out of the Garden.” Adam and Eve look at him and say: “What, but…but…this is madness”. And the punchline comes: “Madness? This is Heaven!” and Gerard Butler kicks Adam and Eve out of the Garden.

Oh, the good laughing we had today. I still chuckle when I think about it. Anyway, I don’t know. Maybe we just try to bring our religion closer by giving those characters human characteristics, but it is a very good idea of spending time.

This is my story for today. Enjoy.


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