Well, everything happens for a reason. Karma and stuff…

Anyway, last night I was getting ready for sleep and tweeting some boring stuff when I heard my neighbours dog barking. It has been barking for an hour, driving us insane. People were knocking on my neighbours door telling him to calm his dog, and I believe that he was trying it, but there was no use.

Then it stopped. Just like that. I figured out that I can sleep now, and started preparing for sweet world of dreams. While I was tweeting “Good night”, I heard my closet shaking. Honestly, didn’t have much time to figure out why, because I heard my windows and doors shaking. Then I got scared.

Looking at my glass of water on table, I realized it was an earthquake. What the hell… There are no earthquakes in this region! After couple of seconds, everything was back to normal. Well, almost everything.

Twitter was full of new information from people who felt it. information came from whole country and even our neighbors were reporting. This was my first earthquake and because of it, I didn’t sleep all night, fearing of another one, stronger.

Anyway this was big earthquake for this area. Well, we didn’t have any for years.

Today I found out that two people were killed in this earthquake in Kraljevo.


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