Bad luck

I think that I’m under a curse. Seriously, people, only bad things happened in the last few days. The last one happened today.

It was a very pleasant day. Sun was shining, it was warm and I woke up early with one very important goal – to buy a new keyboard. So I went downtown to find that piece of hardware that I really need.

About a week ago, my laptop started behaving strange. Keyboard didn’t work because it needed cleaning, but I was so scared of breaking it. Instead, I made up my mind and saved money for a new one.

Going from store to store I realized that keyboards are cheap and I saved enough money so I can choose from more types.

I picked one that came with a mouse. It is black, not simple, but again not too complex. Joy and happiness! But when I came home and plugged  it in, my bad luck started messing with me, again!

Keyboard kept doing things on its own. When I would press “H” it would take me to the “Help and support center”. And that’s just a minor problem, believe me.

Now, every once in a while, when my keyboard goes crazy, I punch it several times. It helps me also because it started getting on my nerves. Luckily (I hope) this will be only until Monday, when I’ll take her back to the store and demand a new one. Or at least to return me my money.

So, wish me luck on this one.

P.S: I can’t write about music when I have this devilish, disobeying keyboard. Until Monday, I won’t write those long articles because I’ll get mad. You don’t know what horror I was experiencing writing this.


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