Good news everyone!

Professor Hubert Farnsworth

Professor Farnsworth

I think I’m watching too much Futurama. Well, that punchline from Professor Farnsworth is really catchy, for your information.

Anyway, I fell a lot better today. Almost as if I’m not sick anymore. So I started something new on this blog. I’ll try to write 2 posts each day and one of them will be about music and musicians. So, this one is for me, other one is for you and we’re all happy. Just kidding.

Posts about history of music were inspired by a bunch of illogical posts and comments about some of the famous musicians of all time. No, Mozart didn’t steal from Beethoven, he didn’t die at the age of 25 and he didn’t write Requiem by himself.

Also, don’t think that only thing that is important is number of pieces each one of these guys wrote, what are the most famous pieces etc. We all know that, but we don’t how interesting their lives were.

I promise I will not use Wikipedia as my internet consultant. I mean, I can log on to Wikipedia now and write that Beethoven was a French guy who invented the X-ray (got the point?). Wikipedia is not bad, but think about this: a 6-year-old kid can write an article on Wikipedia, but once a book is published, it is done. All my knowledge about music I got from books (thank you YouTube for those videos of fantastic performances).

I really hope you will enjoy it, as much as I enjoy babbling about music. Any questions?

Oh, and one last thing. This is not for educational purposes, it’s for fun. You can try use it for education (I swear to God,I will only speak the truth about them), just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

P.S: My teacher would be proud of me for that “Any question” line.

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