Composers don’t steal

Do you know that all this genres in music were once merged together? Oh yes, and that was not so long ago. For, centuries there has been only two types of music – classical and folk.

Folk music is actually the oldest type. It starts from prehistoric time. That is really boring period for music, believe me. When we learned about it, we were looking at those couple of pages and thought: “Man, this is going to be the easiest question on the exam.” We were right.

However, time passed and so the music developed. Soon, there was Egyptian music, Babylonian, Chinese, Roman etc. Problem is, that we can’t call it neither folk, or classical – it’s something between. Again centuries pass, church becomes the boss and (guess what?), people start composing for the church. For me, this is a break point. Everything that made music so beautiful today is that moment when we distinguished to genres of music.So, on one side we have folk music, made by people who aren’t educated, and on the other side we have educated people who write for the benefits of church.

Then, one day those church people were taking a walk and heard those folk songs and these melodies just didn’t want to get out of their head. They are simple, short and easy to experiment with. That’s how classical music is made.

Point of this story is – composers don’t steal. Every now and often I read a post about who stole from who. What I could figure out from books and classes I listened, it is a great honor when some other compositor takes your theme and rearranges it.

Think about it like this: you write a piece and you want someone to hear it, but you can’t show it to audience due to lack of interest from their side. In sorrow and sadness you bury that piece to be forgot. Sooner (or later) another musician finds it and thinks: “Hey, this is fantastic! How about I take this theme and see what I can do with it.”

That musician makes another piece and people like it, but they remember that there was one like it before. So they ask for it. Now, they like it, but, in reality, you would be long dead when this happens.

In the end, it’s all about marketing.


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