The cold

After a very long and exhausting trip yesterday, I planned to go to bed early and rest for today. I was planing to clean up my apartment where I live for now and was planing it to work whole day. But, I woke up with cold. My throat hurts, nose is itching, I can’t breathe and I sneeze a lot.

So, I didn’t clean anything today. I stayed in bed, drinking tea and eating soup which, by the way, I made because I live alone. When you’re a student, you’re most of the time, on your own.

I don’t have to say how much I hate tea. I’m a coffee person. I drink 6 to 10 cups of coffee a day and it doesn’t bother me. I have a coffee machine, only for these emergency situations (when I’m sick, or lazy to make a coffee on a stove).

After an entire afternoon of tea and soup, I decided to take a walk and by some things for cleaning, but I couldn’t last even five minutes outside – it was so cold. Cursing and swearing, I got back to my apartment and tucked myself under the blanket listening to music on headphones.

When I got the courage to leave my bed I opened this blog to write and found out my keyboard is messing around with me. Things around me like to play with my patience. My lights are gone also, and I’m not tall enough to replace them. Worst day ever.

I’m going pretty much early today to sleep.

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