Yes, I finally arrived to Nis (city in Serbia). I traveled for three and a half hour in that bus and they didn’t have a single one break. When I arrived, I was in pain because I couldn’t stretch myself at all. I was in one position all that time.

I love traveling because it is fun. Companion isn’t necessary, but when you have it, that is the best travel. Well, most of the time, I don’t know other people in the bus, so I put headphones on my ears and play music. It is relaxing. Sometimes I try to sleep, but I can’t do it with  all that shaking of a bus. Our roads aren’t very good.

Anyway, I am so tired after this trip, because, it was my fourth for this weekend. I came home from Nis, then drove with my brother to visit our grandma, came back that day home, and today I went back to Nis. No wonder I’m exhausted. And my father wanted to take me with him when they went for our new dog. Luckily, my mother said no.

So, now I have a terrible headache, can’t eat anything because I feel dizzy and can’t sit properly because of the bus. Please, kill me (just kidding).

And to think that I wanted to travel to Belgrade because of the book fair…


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