This morning I woke up early. I’m still not used to my bed. How can I? This is the first time I’m at home after two months. It was cold and I felt a little lazy so changing clothes wasn’t the best option. In the living room was another story.

Fireplace kept that room warm and friendly. No one was there and that was perfect. I covered myself with a blanket because I was sleepy and turned on my computer to check Twitter and Mail. It was like a perfect winter morning except for one thing…

There is no snow! Not even a rain. It was like spring was coming, not winter. Sure it is cold, but it is also sunny and that is driving me crazy. If it is cold, it should also be cloudy, or rainy. The best thing would be snow. And that freaking sun is iritating me and ruining my winter mood. That is not funny at all.

I am a winter person. I like snow, Christmas, New Year, presents, Santa, cold, ice… Everything about winter is awesome! But not that lousy sunny weather that makes you think “Hey, its warm outside! Don’t wear the goddamn jacket!”

I’m getting in my “Christmas mood” again, so I’m just gonna go now and listen some holiday music on internet.


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