Crazy funny world

I’m finally home. What a crazy world. Usually, it takes me only three and a half hour of bus ride, but this one was different.

About half an hour before bus started I was standing in a very long line at the bus station, trying to buy a ticket. There was no rush. Even the bus didn’t come yet.  Ups, my mistake, there it comes.

At the platform with no. 6 was a bus that I recognized as mine. But then I realized that people in my line (you remember that long line)were all staring at that bus and there were also people at the platform. F**k! What to do now? Oh, the line is moving. Yes! I got the ticket, now just to enter the bus..

Well, I was the last of the passengers. We were standing and didn’t know what to do. Am I gonna stand for three or four hours? That is bad. I was carying a backpack and my violin and  couldn’t move.

People were really happy when another one bus arrived to take some of the passengers. In both of the buses were only students so it felt like a road trip. We were partying and singing all time and it felt good. We didn’t know each other, but that wasn’t important. Important is to cary joy and happines with you even in toughest situations because than everything looks easier.


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