My family is awesome

Yesterday I was on internet reading some funny stuff, and found an interesting sentence: 5 zombies + 4 bullets = 2 zombies. I really liked that so I posted it on Facebook. I thought it was funny, and some other people to. Especially my mom.

Before Facebook, my mom didn’t know how to turn on a computer. For one month, after making her a FB account she learned to browse the internet and I am really glad for that. But last night, she made me laugh.

She liked that sentence so I asked why. The answer was: “because there is some philosophical meaning in that sentence.” That  confused me, because I didn’t pay much attention to zombies. How the discussion developed my mother was telling me all the possibilities of making the result of 2 zombies with 5 of them and four bullets. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! My mom was really into this “zombie thing.”

After some time, she started talking how Bruce Lee’s zombie would have kicked Chuck Noris’ ass. What the hell?! Mom, are you serious?

Then my brother called me and said: “Hey, don’t listen to your mother, she’s a little drunk because dad bought a new car and we’re celebrating.” I fell of my chair laughing and couldn’t believe what just happened.

It’s just one of those times when you realize your parents are awesome.

P.S: I’m coming home tomorrow. I have a good feeling about me copying that conversation and saving it. Wonder what to do with that…


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