Let’s play

Do you know what’s really boring? Submarine race. How do we know who won if we’re on the coast looking at water? You can’t see submarines when they are in water.

Well, that was today’s topic of conversation between my boyfriend and me. He was getting bored at classes, and I was getting bored sitting at home, and, when I am bored, I start thinking about really boring things.

Soon, I realized something about submarines. In Serbian language, submarine has the noun “sea” in it’s name. It’s like it can’t be in any other type of water… So we started making names for submarines that would be only in oceans, lakes and rivers. It was really fun, but than we thought of waterfalls. That’s when we started laughing. How would that submarine look, and how would be invisible? Our conversation was focused on a machine that doesn’t exist, but would be cool if it does. But it would be cool if it existed.

At the end we agreed that “Niagara subwaterfall machine: would be very, very unique, because it would be only in Niagara waterfalls.

I don’t know (yet!) how this works in English language, but now, I’m going to find out. There is only one way to fight boredom, and it is our imagination, so people, start making out new things, that don’t exist. We will give scientists something to think about.

Do you agree with me?


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