No things in common

Today was an interesting day. I found out that me and my boyfriend have no things in common. For example, I like to read and to write (not that I’m good at it), and he likes to do…things…on computer…which I don’t know what are.

Anyway, that turned out to be a problem. It wouldn’t be, but I got into PMS and now everything is problem. Question is, what are we doing when we are together?

In august we started our blog. In the beginning, we were writing every day, but, after a month, he lost his interest. He just doesn’t like to write. I tried to motivate him, talk to him about it, ask him to do it, but, no results. He is very stubborn. Then I realized…

I like to listen to classical music, and he just frowns when I listen to Mozart, which is my favorite. Not into writing, cooking, internet, drinking, reading, watching TV and many more things. He just works on something on computer all day.

What angered me, and what really is the problem, is that, whatever he does, doesn’t bother me. In fact, I like how special he is, and not like every male I met before him. He always says “yes” to whatever I ask him to do, remembers my birthday, sometimes gives me a rose, helps me with computers, tells me I’m beautiful and much more things.

At the end of our conversation he told me the truth. He can’t be devoted to one thing like me, he wants to try everything and if he  gets stuck with one thing then he couldn’t do other stuff.

At the end, he confessed that only thing he is devoted is me and making me happy. Admit it, you can’t be mad at someone who tells you that. Now, I just admire him more, because I am the one thing that he loves more than anything else.


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